To be diagnosed with PTSD, you have to have a. been through( or witnessed) a traumatic event b.  1 re-experiencing symptom, 2 hyper arousal symptoms, and 3 avoidance ones. 

PTSD does not refer to the immediate things that go on after trauma- that is Acute Stress Disorder. It becomes PTSD after what is considered the ‘normal’ grieving period- so usually after 6 months. 

There a couple of different ‘types’ of PTSD. Delayed onset- which pops up long after the trauma is over, and when memories begin to surface. Complex- which usually is used for people who went through more than one trauma (Childhood survivors, soldiers, ect.) compared to say… a car accident survivor.

Take care of yourselves today, okay?

day 59

I decide to finally try facebook again, as I deactivated it the day after the assault, when I was in the hospital.
I log on, delete some photos, and whatnot.
then I panic. I feel like “he” can see me. “he” could ask a mutual friend to check my profile.
“he” was all of a sudden too close.
five minutes in, I delete facebook and take a xanax.